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Meow Wars

The Meow Wars was an Internet flame war which started on the newsgroup and spread throughout the alt.* hierarchy. It lasted nearly a year, which is some sort of record. It also spawned a loosely knit community of "Usenet Performance Artists" calling themselves the Meowers.


The original Meowers were denizens of who responded to the January 9, 1996 "invasion" staged by Harvard students from As the Meow Wars spread across UseNet, the Meowers' tactics won them both converts and enemies. But by this time the Harvard students had abandoned, which remains Meower "property" to this day.

Raoul Xemblinosky

J. Raoul Xemblinosky III, also known as Bufford L. Hatchett (born July 11, 1961), is a notorious Usenet troll (calling himself a "Usenet Performance Artist") who received the first individual Usenet Death Penalty from rogue despammer Stanley J. Kalisch III.

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