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Men Behaving Badly

Men Behaving Badly is a British sitcom, broadcast originally on ITV but moved to BBC ONE (and a later timeslot) from the third series onwards (six series were made, and there do not seem to be any plans to make more). It centres around two "blokes", Gary (Martin Clunes) and Tony (Neil Morrissey) (Tony replaced Dermot (Harry Enfield) from the second series on) sharing the ground floor flat owned by Gary in a converted house.

Their lives centre around lager and girls. The former is easy to come by, both in canned form and at their local pub, The Crown. As for the latter, Gary has a long-term girlfriend, Dorothy (Caroline Quentin), and Tony pines for Deborah (Leslie Ash), the girl upstairs. Neither of these necessarily stops them looking elsewhere for their "totty", though Gary usually feels guilty if he goes much beyond ogling some Kylie Minogue publicity shots.

The series was briefly remade for US television with a different cast. As a side-effect, the original series was eventually screened in the US on BBC America as British Men Behaving Badly.