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Medellín is the capital city of Antioquia, a province in Colombia (South America). Geographical location 6° 15' North, 75° 36' West. With a population of 1.9 million it is the second largest city of Colombia.

Medellín is known as the industrial capital of Colombia. The metropolitan area of Medellin lies within the Aburrá Valley at an altitude of 1,538 meters and is bisected by the Medellín River which flows northward. North of the valley are the towns of Bello, Copacabana, Girardota and Barbosa. To the south of the valley lie Itagui, Envigado, Sabaneta, La Estrella and Caldas.

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Medellín is also a small municipality in the province Badajoz, Spain.
Medellín de Bravo is also a small municipality in the province Sotavento, Mexico.