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Médaille de la Résistance

The French Resistance Medal was awarded by General de Gaulle "to recognize the remarkable acts of faith and of courage that, in France, in the empire and abroad, have contributed to the resistance of the French people against the enemy and against its accomplices since June 18 1940". The French Medal of Resistance was given to approximately 44,000 living persons and 20,000 posthumously, belonging just as well to the Free French as to the Internal Resistance. The medal ceased to be rewarded on December 31st, 1947 in Indochina and on March 31st, 1947 everywhere else. The medal is held by red and black cloth with the Cross of Lorraine and the date of the beginning of the German occupation of France in Roman figures : 17th 6 month 1940. On the reverse are the words "PATRIA NON IMMEMOR" (the Fatherland does not forget)