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The Meccano Company was formed by Frank Hornby after his idea in 1901 of a new toy - 'Mechanics Made Easy'. This very quickly became known as Meccano, and was soon on sale across the world.

Meccano comprises metal strips of various shapes, sizes and colours, all perforated with equidistant holes, together with copious supplies of nuts and bolts. The constructions that can then be built are only limited by the builder's imagination.

The initial factories were in James Street and Duke Street in Liverpool, UK, but by 1914 produiction had moved to a new site at Binns Road.

1n 1909 the company added to its range by launching the 'Hornby System of Mechanical Demonstration' which included pulleys. This was the first use of the Hornby name, which later was to become synonymous with their DublO model railway system.

In 1920 the company started to produce O-gauge model railways, and this production line continued into the 1960's.

In 1938 the company launched the DublO model railway system, and production continued until 1964.