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Matthew Perry (actor)

Matthew Langford Perry (born August 19, 1969) is an actor, most famous for playing the role of Chandler Bing on the American television sitcom Friends. Perry has also guest starred in Ally McBeal and The West Wing, and lent his voice to The Simpsons.

While born in the United StatesWilmington, Massachusetts, to be precise — Perry was raised in Ottawa, Canada. He is the son of character actor John Bennett Perry (b. January 4, 1941) by John's wife at the time Suzanne Perry Morrison (who had been a press secretary for Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau), and got into the same field himself at the age of 15. He maintains dual Canadian and U.S. citizenships. Recently he has been moving into films.

Perry is missing part of his right middle finger due to a door shutting accident.

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