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Master of Disguise

Master of Disguise is a movie released in 2002 starring Dana Carvey, James Brolin and Brent Spiner.

The plot centers around Carvey as "Pistachio Disguisey", who is a member of a family with supernatural skills of disguise. The patriarch of the Disguisey family (Brolin) is kidnapped by Devlin Bowman (Spiner) in an attempt to steal a variety of priceless artifacts.

The movie was thought to be a massive critial and financial failure. The plot was considered sophomoric even for a purported children's movie, compounding the fact that there were several "disguises" that would clearly not be recognized by youngsters (Tony Montana from Scarface, for example). In addition, there were many indications that the film was rushed; for example, there are scenes hinted at in the credits that do not appear in the actual movie. Also, the cinematography and special effects are considered quite poor for a movie released in 2002, especially when the camera very obviously turns away from a Disguisey as he is coming out of/going into a disguise.