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1 Master recording
2 Master craftsman
3 Master's degree
4 Master unit
5 Slave master

Master recording

A master is the original of a visual and/or sound recording, which is then mixed and/or cut into a template from which distributable copies are made.

Master craftsman

A master is also a person who has a larger skill than most in some kind of art.

See also: master craftsman (a guild member)

Master's degree

A master is also the recipient of a graduate degree in a specified discipline from a college or university. The degree is intermediate between a bachelor's degree and a Ph.D and include the specific degrees Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Master of Engineering.

Master unit

A master is also a mechanical or electronic unit which commands or controls another unit, so that they work in tandem or in parallel. Examples include:

Slave master

A master was also another name for a slaveholder. See slavery.