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Marylebone Road

Marlybone Road, London, looking West from Baker Street ()

Marylebone Road (pronounced Mar-lee-bone Road) is an important thoroughfare in central London. It runs west to east from the A40 Westway at Paddington until the road name changes to Euston Road at Regent's Park. The road which runs in 3 lanes in both directions, is part of the London Inner Ring Road and as such forms part of the boundary of the zone within which the London Congestion Charge applies.

Marylebone Road itself eventually becomes the M40 motorway a few miles to the west and has a junction with Kilburn Road (A5) which heads to the start of the M1 motorway. As such most of the traffic leaving central London for the Midlands and the North of England travels on this road. It is frequently heavily congested.

Two of London's principal tourist attractions lie on Marylebone Road, namely Madame Tussaud's and the London Planetarium.

Mainline and London Underground railway stations in the vicinity


Tube (West to East)