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Mary Tudor

[Disambiguation: This article is about Mary Tudor, queen consort of France. For Mary Tudor, queen regnant of England, see Mary I of England.]

Mary Tudor (March 28, 1496 - June 25, 1533), was the youngest daughter of Henry VII of England. She married first Louis XII of France, but he died less than three months after they were married. Not long afterwards she married Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk (the couple is pictured at right). This greatly angered her brother Henry VIII but he soon forgave them, though he fined them heavily.

Lady Jane Grey was their granddaughter. Mary's brother Henry VIII of England named his daughter, the future Queen Mary, after her. His warship, the Mary Rose, was also named in her honor.

Her English contemporaries frequently referred to Mary as 'the French Queen'.


A fictionalized version of Mary's marital adventures is the 1953 film The Sword and the Rose starring
Richard Todd and Glynis Johns.