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Martin Andersen Nex°

Martin Andersen Nex°, a Danish writer, was born in 1869 in a very poor area of Copenhagen, Denmark to a large family. His family moved to Nex° (from which he took Nex° as a last name), Denmark in 1877.

In the mid-1890s Martin Andersen Nex° travelled in Southern Europe, and his book Soldage (1903) is to a large extent based on those travels. Probably his best known and most translated book is Pelle Erobreren (Pelle The Conqueror), the last volume of which was completed in 1910. The beginning part of the book was the subject of a movie in 1987.

Martin Andersen Nex° joined the Danish Communist Party and was jailed in 1941 by the Danish police during Denmark's occupation by the Nazis. However, he got out and went to neutral Sweden. From Sweden, he went to the Soviet Union where he did broadcasts to Denmark and Norway (which was also occupied by the Nazis).

After WWII, Nex° moved to Dresden in East Germany, where he was named an honourary citizen. Nex° died there in 1954.