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Marger Sealey

Marger Sealey (born November 22, 1975) is an aspiring singer from Venezuela who tried to win a recording contract with a major recording label, with her participation in the television reality-contest show Protagonistas De La Musica.

Sealey moved to New York earlier in her life to pursue her musical dreams. However, with her participation in the new reality show, she had to relocate to Miami.

Sealey, nicknamed Marge and Margaret by her fellow contestants, was put on the menaced chair on the weekend of January 2 to January 4 of 2003 and subsequently voted out of the show by viewers.

She seemed to get along very well with fellow show contestant Alexis Ramos,becoming good friends with him. Even thru she didn't win the contest, she will participate on the show's cd to be released in 2003.

Recently Telemundo accepted that when Ramos was voted off on the weekend of November 3 to November 5, the channel had accepted fax voting calls, a violation to the show-contest's voting rules. Had Alexis asked to be re-instated due to fraudulent voting procedures and because he and Marge were voted off when competing against the same contestant, Dominican Republic's Miguel, Marge could have been re-instated and given a second change at being the final winner, however, Alexis did not ask to be re-instated.