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Mara (goddess)

In modern Latvian mythology, Mara is the highest-ranking goddess, a feminine Dievs. She may be thought as alternate side of God (Like in Yin Yang). Other goddesses, sometimes all other goddesses, are considered her alternate aspects. Mara may have been the same goddess as Lopu mate as well.

She is the patroness of all the feminine duties (children, cattle), patroness of all the economic activities ("God made table, Mara - bread"), even money and markets. Being the alterante side of God, she takes away with her the body after person's death while God (Dievs) taking the soul. She is the goddess of land, it is called The Mara land.

In western Latvia, and to a lesser degree in the rest of Latvia, she was strongly associated with Laima, and may have been considered the same deity.

The festival Maras was held in her honor every August 15.

Alternative names: Marsava (Western Latvia), Moschel, Marha