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The mantle is the highly viscous region in the interior of Earth that lies between 30-35 km and 2 900 km below the surface. Found here are: olivines, pyroxenes, and the silicate perovskite, a dense form of enstatite.NEED MORE INFORMATION!!

The upper mantle is known as the asthenosphere.

Refer to Earth for detailed information on the interior of the planet.

A mantle is an organ possessed by molluscs used to secrete their shells.

A mantle is also a device used in gas lamps and kerosene lamps to produce a bright light; see: gas mantle

A mantle (also mantel) is the stone or wood beam which serves as a support for the structure above a Fireplace, together with the whole framework, whether of wood, stone, etc., that acts as an ornament of the same.

A mantle is also a rock climbing move. It is used to surmount a ledge or feature in the rock in the absence of any useful holds directly above.