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Manila Bay

Manila Bay is the harbor which serves the port of Manila (on Luzon), in the Philippines. The entrance is 19 km wide and expands to a width of 48 km. Mariveles is an anchorage just inside the northern entrance and Sangley Point is the former location of Cavite Naval Base.

On either side of the bay are volcanic peaks topped with tropical foliage. 40km to the north is the Bataan Peninsula and to the south is Cavite Province.

Manila Bay. 40km away is the Bataan Peninsula

Across the entrance to Manila Bay are several islands. The largest is Corregidor, which is 3km from Bataan and, along with the island of Caballo, separates the entrance into the northern and southern channels. In the south channel is El Fraile and outside the entrance, and to the south, is Carabao.

To the immediate north and south are additional harbors.

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