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MandrakeSoft is a software company, and creator of Mandrake Linux. Describing itself as a "project initiator and a skills organizer in the Open Source arena", MandrakeSoft is also founding member of the Desktop Linux Consortium.

MandrakeSoft was created in 1998, and has offices in the USA and France. The management team consists of:

MandrakeSoft is currently operating under bankruptcy protection, which was granted by the French courts on January 27, 2003. Despite its efforts to cut losses and improve profits, MandrakeSoft was forced to file for protection due to a series of quarterly losses. The "declaration de cessation des paiements" (similar to the US Chapter 11) gives the company protection from its creditors for six months. MandrakeSoft claims that the filing will enable it to reorganize its liabilities, and continue its current operations.

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