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Man on the Moon

Man on the Moon is the name of the 1999 film, based on the unusual life and career of comedian Andy Kaufman.

The movie, starring Jim Carrey and directed by Milos Forman, begins at Kaufman's childhood, where you see him performing imaginary television programs for stuffed animals. The story then traces Kaufman's steps through the numberous comedy clubs, and television appearances that made him famous, including his memorable appearances on Saturday Night Live, Late Night with David Letterman, Friday's, and his role as the loveable "Latka Gravis" on the television sitcom, Taxi.

This film is a look behind the scenes of all of the inside jokes, scams and put-ons that Kaufman was famous for.

The film also stars Danny DeVito as Kaufman's manager, Courtney Love, and Paul Giamatti as Bob Zmuda. Many of Kaufman's real life friends and costars also appear in the film including DeVito, Zmuda, David Letterman, professional wrestler Jerry Lawler, Budd Friedman, Jeff Conaway, Marilu Henner, Judd Hirsch, Christopher Lloyd, and Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels.

The movie featured music by rock band REM.