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Man, Myth & Magic

Man, Myth & Magic is a fantasy role-playing game, using paper and dice, set in the ancient world, drawing from legends dating from approximately 4000 B.C. to 1000 A.D. It was first published in Feb 1982 by an American company called Yaquinto.

The game mixes many elements from this wide time period. Character nationality and class are determined randomly, so a party might have a British druid, a Greek sybil and an oriental shaman. There are 6 main character traits (strength, speed, endurance, intelligence, courage, and skill) and these are represented by a number between 1 and 100. Dice rolls use a percentile system. For combat, you roll and add/subtract modifiers to beat the basic to hit number of 50 percent. The basic game includes a starting adventure set in a gladiator school. The game comes in a boxed set consisting of 3 books (Basic Rules, Advanced Rules, and Adventure Booklet), dice, character sheets, and adventure maps.

Released products

4306 - MM&M (Man, Myth & Magic) 1982 Boxed Set

 4300 Dice 
 4301 MM&M - Basic Rules Book
 4302 Advanced Rules Book
 4303 The Adventures Book
 4304 MM&M Character Pad
 4305 MM&M Adventure Maps

4307 - Death to Setanta

4308 - Kingdom of the Sidhe

4309 - Newgrange Reactived

4310 - Glastonbury Labyrinth

4311 - Ascent to Hell

4312 - Egyptian Trilogy

4313 - Werewolf of Europe module

4314 - Norse Trilogy