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Malvern, Worcestershire

Malvern is a town in Worcestershire, England, on the Malvern Hills. It includes the smaller areas of Great Malvern, Malvern Link, Malvern Wells and West Malvern.

During the Renaissance, Malvern was the site of a Benedictine monastery, of which, beside Malvern Priory church, part survives as Malvern Museum. This building dates back to about 1470. Malvern is a famous spa, known for its bottled water since 1622. During World War II, Malvern was the location to which the UK government was partially evacuated in case of need. The Three Counties Showground near Malvern hosts an annual agricultural show in June, and regular Royal Horticultural Society Gardening Shows. Malvern is home to two famous public schools, Malvern College and Malvern Girls School.

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