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Maltheism is the belief that God exists as a cruel, arrogant, abusive, and untruthful being who is not worthy of worship. The problem of evil does not prove to a maltheist that God does not exist, but proves that God is a liar.

Maltheists describe the opposite point of view to theophilia, which means friendship towards God, which friendship usually implies a belief that God is good.

Maltheism further believes that God is dependent on the worship and adoration of human beings for his existence, and that if he is deprived of humanity's worship, he will wither up and die, leaving humanity better off. Therefore, maltheism seeks to encourage people of all theophilic religions to stop worshipping God in any form, since worshipping an evil God is viewed as treason against the human race.

Maltheism's views differ from those of Gnosticism.

Maltheism's views also differ from those of Satanism, which treats these theological entities as philosophical concepts.

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