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Mallow, Ireland

Mallow is the Crossroads of Munster and the administrative capital of North Cork, Ireland.

Set deep in the Blackwater Valley, Mallow was traditionally an agricultural market town but due to vast improvements in infrastructure, coupled with significant promotion and investment from the Mallow Town Council and the private sector, the town has become a thriving business and satellite town.

Mallow lies at the convergence of several important routes and is on the main Cork/Limerick/Shannon road. Mallow is 25 miles from Cork. The town's prosperity is largely due to the rich agricultural region which surrounds it and the subsequent emergence of industrial development, both associated with the region and with the highly educated workforce.

The Mallow area with its population of 26,775 (2002 Census) has an abundance of skilled labour and a pool of well-educated and eager young people. The town is also within easy reach of neighboring population centres.

Mallow is situated on the National Primary Route N20, 35 km north of Cork City and 64 km east of Killarney. The Mallow by-pass road is now completed at a cost of 7.6m.