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Malayalam cinema

Malayalam cinema means movies, film art and industry in Malayalam language.

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During the past half century, Malayalam cinema has accomplished a stature of its own in Indian Cinema. The first malayalam movie was a silent movie named vigathakumaran ,which was made during 1930, thought it was never released to the public. The second film, which was released in 1930, was Marthanda Varma, based on the novel by C V Raman Pillai. It was in 1938, the first talking movie, Balan was released. This was a film with a social theme, when other parts of the country witnessed only mythological movies. Until 1947, when Udaya studio was established, Malayalam movies were shot and processed in Madras, in neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. In 1954, Neelakkuyil won president's national award. Since then, Malayalam cinema and its artists bagged scores of national awards almost every year. It created many internationally acclaimed artists and directors as well. Shaji N Karun, Adoor Gopalakrishnan and Aravindan, to name a few. Some of the renowned directors are enlisted below:

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