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Malabar Lark

Malabar Lark
Scientific classification
Species: malabarica
Binomial name
Galerida malabarica

The Malabar Lark, or Malabar Crested Lark, Galerida malabarica, is a sedentary breeding bird in western India.

This is a common bird of open country, cultivation and scrub, often at some altitude. It nests on the ground, laying two to three eggs. Its food is seeds and insects, the latter especially in the breeding season.

This is a smallish lark, slightly smaller than Skylark. It has a long spiky erectile crest. It is greyer than Skylark, and lacks the white wing and tail edges of that species, which is a winter visitor to India.

It is very similar to the Crested Lark, Galerida cristata, which breeds in northern India. It is smaller and dark-streaked reddish brown in plumage, whereas Crested Lark is grey. The belly is white. The sexes are similar.

Syke's Lark, or Tawny Lark, Galerida deva, is another Indian relative. That species also has reddish-brown plumage, but is smaller, shorter billed, and has plain rufous underparts.