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Makung (馬公 Pinyin: Mǎgōng) is the county seat of Penghu, in the Republic of China. Makung is on the western part of the main Pescadore island.

The earliest temple in Taiwan to the goddess Matsu is found on Makung. Makung is therefore also known as "Makung Ao" (馬宮澳 or originally, 媽宮澳), or "Matsu Palace Seaport". The character ma was changed from "mother" (媽) to its present form in 1920 under the Japanese Occupation. There had been proposal from the Executive Yuan to revert the character, but there was little support.

It contains a domestic Magong Airport.


Makung City contains 34 municipal villages (里 li):
(Wade-Giles Romanizations are placed before Hanyu Pinyin)

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