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Major League Soccer All-Star Game

Major League Soccer All-Star Game has been held each season that the MLS has existed. The set up for the game has varied a few times. Most years the match up has been between Eastern Division players vs Western Division players. Some years the league has had American players play against non American players. 2002 The MLS All Stars took on the US National team. In 2003, the MLS All Stars played Chivas a team from Guadalajara, Mexico.

1996 East 3, West 2 East Rutherford, New Jersey
1997 East 5, West 4 East Rutherford, New Jersey
1998 MLS USA 6 MLS World 1 Orlando, Florida
1999 West 6, East 4 San Diego, California
2000 East 9, West 4 Columbus, Ohio
2001 East 6, West 6 San Jose, California
2002 MLS 3, US 2 Washington, D.C
2003 MLS 3, Chivas 1 Carson, California