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Majesco is a video game developer founded in 1986. It first made a name as a reissuer of old titles that had been abandoned by their original publisher. By cutting the prices dramatically and, eventually, arranging the rights to self-manufacture games for both Nintendo and Sega systems, the company found a sustainable market niche.

Majesco's Genesis 3

Later, they arranged with Sega to manufacture a version of its Genesis (also known as Sega Megadrive|Megadrive) 16-bit console, which had been superseded by the 32-bit Saturn. They released this in 1998 as the Genesis 3, and followed up with a version of the hand-held Game Gear called the Game Gear Core System.

More recently, the company's focus shifted to in-house game development - initially under the brand of Pipe-Dream Interactive, since few believed they could make the transition successfully. Majesco now focuses on developing for so-called "next generation" consoles, such as Nintendo's GameCube and Game Boy Advance, Microsoft's Xbox, and Sony's PlayStation 2.

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