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Maha Sarakham province

Capital:Maha Sarakham
Area:5,291.7 km²
Ranked 42nd
Inhabitants:942,171 (2001)
Ranked 20th
Pop. density:178 inh./km²
Ranked 14th
ISO 3166-2:TH-44

Maha Sarakham (Thai มหาสารคาม) is one of the provinces (changwat) of Thailand, located in the North-East of Thailand. Neighboring provinces are (from north clockwise) Kalasin, Roi Et, Surin, Buriram and Khon Kaen.

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2 History
3 Symbols
4 Administrative divisions
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The province is mostly a plain covered with rice fields, only in the north and east are little hills. The province is between 130 and 230 m above sea level. The main river in the province is the river Chi.


The provincial seal show a big tree in front of big rice fields, symbolizing the richness of resources in the province. The flag of the province shows the seal in the middle, in a brown horizontal strip. Above and below is a yellow strip. The brown color symbolizes the strength and the perseverance of the people in the province, who live in the rather dry climate; the yellow color as the color of the robes of buddhist monks symbolizes the faith of the people.

Provincial tree is the Indian Walnut (Albizia lebbeck ). The tree symbol as assigned to the province in 1994 by Queen Sirikit. Provincial flower is the West Indian Jasmine (Plumeria alba).

Administrative divisions

King Amphoe
(minor districts)
  1. Mueang Maha Sarakham
  2. Kae Dam
  3. Kosum Phisai
  4. Kantharawichai
  5. Chiang Yuen
  6. Borabue
  1. Na Chueak
  2. Phayakkhaphum Phisai
  3. Wapi Pathum
  4. Na Dun
  5. Yang Sisurat
  1. Kut Rang
  2. Chuen Chom

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