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Magnus II of Sweden

Magnus II Ericson, (1316 - 1377), King of Sweden and Norway, son of the duke Eric. Magnus is in line for the succession of the Norwegian throne when he at age three in 1319 preemptively also is elected king of Sweden. Under his minority the countries are ruled by Knut Jonsson in Sweden and Erling Vidkunsson in Norway.

In 1336 he married Blanche of Namur, daughter to Count Jean Dampierre of Namur and Marie DŽArtois, who decended from Louis VIII of France. In 1343 their son Haakon would at an early age succede his father to the Norwegian throne as Haakon VI, eventhough Magnus remained as ruler. In 1363 Magnus was deposed from the Swedish throne and sought refuge with his son in Norway, where he subsequently would drown in 1377.

Preceded by:
Birger of Sweden
List of Swedish monarchs Succeeded by:
Albert of Mecklenburg
Preceded by:
Haakon V of Norway
List of Norwegian monarchs Preceded by:
Haakon VI of Norway