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Magnetic stripe card

CR80 ISO standard card, 2-3 stripes. Magnetic stripes are used in credit cards, cost control cards, copy machine cards and so on.

The stripe on the back of a magcard is a magnetic stripe, often called a magstripe. The magstripe is made up of tiny iron-based magnetic particles in a plastic-like film.

Your credit card typically uses only tracks one and two. Track three is a read/write track (which includes an encrypted PIN, country code, currency units and amount authorized), but its usage is not standardized among banks.

The information on track one in a credit card is contained in two formats: A, which is reserved for proprietary use of the card issuer, and B, which includes the following:

LRC is a form of computed check character.

The format for track two, developed by the banking industry, is as follows:

See also: ISO 7810