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Lysander (d. 395 BC) was the commander of the Spartan fleet which was victorious against the Athenians at Aegospotami in 405 BC. The following year, he took Athens itself, bringing the Peloponnesian War to an end.

In many of the cities formerly belonging to the Athenian Empire, he set up "decarchies" of oligarchists, but in following this policy he eventually ran afoul of the Spartan government, who restored democracy in Athens and modified his decarchy system. Later he invaded Boeotia from Phocis in the Corinthian War, but was surprised and killed at Haliartus.

A descendant of the same name is mentioned as a player in Spartan politics at the time of Agis III.

Lysander is also a character in William Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream.