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Lycoris, formerly Redmond Linux Corp, was started in the year 2000 with a vision of making free software easy enough for anyone to use. It has become well-known thanks to its flagship product, Lycoris Desktop/LX, a distribution of the Linux operating system.

The company is privately held and is currently based in Maple Valley, Washington, USA.

Lycoris Desktop/LX

Lycoris Desktop/LX is based on Caldera's Workstation 3.1 Linux distribution. Desktop/LX loads ready for Internet access, office productivity, multimedia, entertainment, and more. The desktop and applications look a lot like Microsoft Windows XP, right down to the background image (a grassy knoll with a partly cloudy sky) that ships with the software.

In recent months, Lycoris has developed a range of value-added products and services to complement the operating system, including an office suite, a gaming package, and a range of support services.

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In botany, Lycoris is a genus of family Amaryllidaceae.