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Luyten's Star

Luyten's Star (GJ 273 Recons) is a red dwarf around 12.36 LY from Sol. It is approximately a quarter the mass of Sol, a tenth of its diameter and a tiny fraction of its luminosity (0.0004 solar luminosities). It is named after Willem Jacob Luyten, who determined its proper motion. The star is in the constellation of Monoceros.

It has been proposed that Lutyen's Star has a substellar companion object, but this has not been proved.

RA 07 27 24.5 Dec +05 13 33
Parallax: 0.26376 arcseconds
Spectral type: M3.5 V
Proper Motion: 3.761 arcseconds/year
Apparent Visual Magnitude: 9.86
Absolute Visual Magnitude: 11.97