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Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel (born April 19, 1970) is a Mexican pop music singer who is popular throughout the Hispanic world. He is nicknamed "El Sol De Mexico".

Miguel was born in Puerto Rico but grew up in Mexico. His parents had both worked in the entertainment business; his mother, Marcela Basteri, was an actress and his father, Luisito Rey, was a singer, himself a Latin star in the 1960s.

Miguel's career commenced at age 11 when the young Miguel was spotted performing at a birthday party in Veracruz by a Mexican record executive, and was promptly given a record deal. He rapidly became a teen idol.

Later developing a more sophisticated image modelled on singers such as Julio Iglesias and Frank Sinatra, Miguel began singing less pop-orientated material, and went on to make a highly succesful career as an adult singer, making many recordings and performing in numerous countries. His 1991 album Romance, a collection of Latin boleros, became the first ever gold-selling Spanish language album in the United States. Miguel also sang "Come Fly With Me" with Sinatra on the latter's 1993 all-star collection, Duets.

In 1998, Miguel co-starred in the film Fiebre de Amor, and also contributed on the soundtrack.

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