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Luis Bu˝uel

Luis Bu˝uel (22 February, 1900 - 29 July 1983 in Mexico City on liver cirrhosis) was a surrealist filmmaker and director whose most famous works include Un Chien Andalou ("The Andalusian Dog"), Le charme discret de la bourgeoisie and Belle de Jour, starring Catherine Deneuve.

Bu˝uel had a strict Jesuit education and went to university in Madrid. After that he moved to Paris to do some film-related work. His first movie Un Chien Andalou, in 1929, put himself into film history because of its shocking imagery, like slicing an eyeball.

He married Jeanne Rucar in 1925. Bu˝uel became a mexican citizen in 1948. His sons are film-maker Rafael Bu˝uel and Juan Luis Bu˝uel

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