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General Characteristics
Length:4.65 m
Width: 2.25 m
Height: 2.35 m
Weight:11 t
Speed: 34 km/h (road)
Range: 190 km (road)
Primary armament: 37 mm gun Skoda A3
Secondary armament:two 7.92 mm machineguns
Maximum armour: 25 mm
Power plant:120 HP

The LT-35 or LT vz.35 was the Czechoslovakian light tank used by Germany during World War II under a designation PzKpfw-35(t) (or: Panzer-35(t)).

Table of contents
1 Production History
2 Combat History

Production History

The LT-35 was constructed in the Czech factory Škoda, and produced since 1937. About 300 were produced for the Czechoslovak Army, and 126 for Romania (under designation Škoda R-2).


Combat History

The LT vz.35 tanks were used in the Czechoslovak Army since 1937 until 1939.

In 1939, 219 tanks were seized by the Germans and used under designation PzKpfw-35(t) by the German armoured units: in Poland (1939), France (1940) and USSR (1941). In 1942 they were withdrawn as obsolete.

79 tanks were used by the axis Slovak army, against the USSR.
26 tanks with normal A-3 gun and 10 tanks with better A-7 gun were used by Bulgaria since 1940.
126 tanks were used in Romania, against the USSR. Some were rebuilt as tank destroyers with a 76 mm gun.

In the initial stage of the World war II it was a very good light tank, with good gun and armour.

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