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Low Tatra

The Low Tatra or Low Tatras (Slovakian Nízke Tatry) is a mountain range in central eastern Slovakia. It is located south of the High Tatra, from which it is separated by the valley of the Vah river.

The ridge runs west-eastwards and is about 80 km long. The mountains are densely forested. Most of the area is protected as the Low Tatra National Park (Národný park Nízke Tatry, abbreviated NAPANT).

The highest mountains of the Low Tatra are located in its western part. The Dumbier rises to 2,042 m. Its neighbour, the Chopok is only a little bit lower (2,024 m) and accessible by a chairlift, therefore being the most frequented place of the mountains. Further east the mountains are much lower, but rise again at the eastern end to the peak of Králová hola.

Mount Dumbier (right) and Mount Chopok (middle)

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