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Love and Rockets (comic)

Love and Rockets is a black and white comic book series by Gilbert Hernandez and Jamie Hernandez -- sometimes cited jointly as Los Bros. Hernandez. Their brother Mario Hernandez is an occasional contributor. It was one of the first comics in the alternative comics revolution of the 1980s. It has been published by Fantagraphics Books since it began.

Love and Rockets contains long serial narratives, such as Gilbert's Palomar stories and Jamie's stories of the early days of the Los Angeles punk scene; it also contains one-offs, shorter stories, surrealist jokes, and a whole lot more.

One of Jamie's many characters is Margarita Luisa Chascarillo, and Jamie's stories follow her life and loves and friends and enemies, from her teenaged punk years to the present day.

One of the more interesting aspects of the Love and Rockets comic opus is the way Los Bros Herandez potray the passage of time in a relative realistic manner despite the obvious constraints of the media. Margarita's (AKA Maggie, Maggot, The Magpie, Margie, Perla...) character debut was as a slight, yet curvy young adult mechanic living in a world both distinctly chicano and punk with a sci-fi twist. As Jaime developed her character into more detail she started to gain weight slowly over each comic issue because of depression and other factors; i.e., each issue made her less of a character made from lines on paper to a human being with complex layers. The present Maggie is now the manager of an apartment complex with bleached blonde hair and a penchant for wearing sexy bathing suits despite her rubenesque figure.