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Lourdes Pamela Pop

Lourdes Pamela Pop (born 1960) is an award winning high school teacher in Paterson, New Jersey. The daughter of a Dutch man and a Puerto Rican woman, she was born in New York, but soon after she moved to Ponce, Puerto Rico, where she spent her life as a teenager and young adult. She was raised in the Catholic religion, and is a catholic devout.

Miss Pop began studying to become a medical doctor in the field of pathology, when she went to college, but soon, she had to make the life changing decision of changing her career goals and begin to study to become a teacher.

In 1983, after graduating, she moved to New Jersey, where in 1986, she was chosen as Puerto Rican Teacher Of The Year.

Miss Pop continues her work as a teacher and nowadays, she also helps Latin American students expand their language skills.