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Louis the Stammerer

Louis the Stammerer (November 1, 846 - April 10, 879), also known as Louis II and Louis le Begue, was the son of Charles II and Ermentrude of Orleans.

He married three wives and had four children. He and his first wife, Adelaide Judith of Paris, had one daughter, Ermentrude, Princess of the West Franks. He and his second wife, Luitgrade of Saxony, had one son, Charles III, King of France, King of West Franks. He and his third wife, Ansgarde of Burgundy, had two children: Louis III and Carloman, both of whom were Kings of France.

Louis the Stammerer was said to be physically weak and outlived his father by only two years. He had almost no impact on politics. On his death his realms were divided between two of his sons, Carloman and Louis III.

Preceded by:
Charles the Bald
List of French monarchs Succeeded by:
Louis III