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Louis IV of France

Louis IV d'Outremer: King of France 936 to 954, member of the Carolingian dynasty.

Born September 10, 920 at Laon, Aisne, France, the son of King Charles III and Princess Eadgifu of England.

He was only three years old when his mother took him "over the sea" to the safety of England after his father was imprisoned. Hence the nickname.

On the death of his father in 936, Louis was summoned back to France and crowned king. Effectively, his sovereignty was limited to the town of Laon and to some places in the north of France, Louis displayed a keenness beyond his years in obtaining the recognition of his authority by his feuding nobles. Nonetheless, his reign was filled with conflict in particular with Hugh the Great, count of Paris.

In 939 Louis became involved in a struggle with the Emperor Otto the Great on the question of Lorraine, but then married Otto's sister Gerberge (914 - May 5, 984), Princess of Germany and they had two sons and a daughter:

King Louis IV died September 10, 954 at Reims, Marne, France and is interred there at Saint-Remi Cathedral. He was succeeded by his son Lothair.

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