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Los Chamos

Los Chamos was a famous Venezuelan music group of the 1980s.

Like Los Chicos, Los Chamos was formed after the success of Menudo. Los Chamos had considerable success in Venezuela, Mexico and other parts of Latin America. In Mexico alone, they sold over two million albums, and made a movie.

Despite their popularity, Los Chamos ultimately could not take Menudo off the top spot in popularity among teenaged girls of the era, but they had some big hits, including their trademark song, Canta Chamo, which made the charts in Puerto Rico, Venezuela and other places.

The members of Los Chamos were Gabriel, Walter, Winston, Wuill and Argenis.

Some of the former members relocated to Spain and some others to Miami; as of 2003, they reunited in Miami and decided to make a comeback. They are working on the details, but it was announced that a greatest hits cd will be released.