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Lori Bakker

Lori Graham Bakker is the wife of televangelist Jim Bakker. She was born Lori Graham.

Lori is the author of More Than I Could Ever Ask (Thomas Nelson) Her book is "The Story of a Woman, Broken and Defeated Who Found That Dreams Really Do Come True,". The book tells the tale of how she was once a druggie, an unfaithful wife, and, in her view, a murderer: She had not one but five abortions before she found the Lord and repented of her sins.

In 1998 Lori met and married Jim Bakker. Today, they are working as a team, ministering to hurting people wherever they go.

As the wife of Jim Bakker, Lori Graham Bakker has appeared on Larry King Live, The Today Show, and numerous other nationally aired programs. She speaks regularly to women’s groups, discussing compulsive and abusive behaviors, abortions, and the need for forgiveness.