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Lord Mayor of Dublin

The Lord Mayor of Dublin is the head of the city government in the Republic of Ireland's capital. He or she is elected annually by members of Dublin City Council (previously known as Dublin Corporation) from amongst its members. Before 1840, he was selected from through a complicated method from the City Assembly. In 1840 the whole method of election to the new Council was fundamentally reformed and democratised.

The office of Mayor of Dublin was created in 1229. It was elevated to Lord Mayor in 1665. Lords Mayor were ex-officio members of the Irish Privy Council. Though the Irish Privy Council was de facto abolished in 1922, the honorific that indicated membership, the Right Honourable (Rt. Hon.) is still put before the Lord Mayor's title. Except on a handful of occasions where the city government has been suspended for not striking a rate (a level of local tax), Dublin has had a mayor for nearly eight hundred years.

Among the famous Dublin Lords Mayor were:

The current Lord Mayor is Alderman Dermot Lacey.

The Lord Mayor of Dublin resides in the eighteeth century Mansion House (shown above) in Dawson Street.