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Lord Haw-Haw

Lord Haw-Haw was a propaganda radio program broadcast by Nazi German radio to audiences in the British Isles on the mediumwave station Radio Hamburg and by shortwave to the United States. It started on September 18, 1939 and continued until April 30, 1945, when Hamburg was overrun by the British Army.

Two announcers played Lord Haw-Haw:

After Joyce replaced Mitler, Mitler was paired with the American-born announcer Mildred Gillars in the Axis Sally program and also broadcast to ANZAC forces in North Africa. Mitler survived the war and appeared on postwar German television. Joyce was hanged for treason on January 6, 1946.

Other British subjects willingly made propaganda broadcasts, including Raymond David Hughes, who broadcast on the German Radio Cymru; Norman Baillie-Stewart, a former Guards officer cashiered for selling secrets to Germany; and John Amery.

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