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Lord British

Lord British is the name of the ruler of Britannia, a fictitious world created by Richard Garriott for his computer game series Ultima. Lord British is also a nickname for Garriott himself.

In the Ultima series, Lord British continuously provides healing, resurrection and other miscellaneous help for the Avatar (the main character) and his adventuring party. Neither the Avatar nor Lord British were born in the world of Britannia, but came from Earth via the moongates. When Lord British came, the world of Britannia was rife with the chaos caused by an evil wizard named Mondain. The stranger (who would become the Avatar) dealt with Mondain, but 3/4ths of the world of then Sosaria disappeared as a result of Mondain's spell. Lord British established a peace in what was left of the world (with the exception of the Serpent Isle) and became King of Britannia.

Numerous plotlines and side-quests in the Ultima games revolve around one of Lord British's adventures or public works projects. He had a key role in founding the Museum, Conservatory and innumerate institutions of the Britannian society.