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Loki (disambiguation)

For the Loki of norse mythology, see Loki.
Loki Games was a manufacturer of computer games.
Loki was also the codename for a "Super Spectrum" computer developed by Sinclair Research. The name either came from the god Loki or as a play on "Low-cost Colour Computer" aka "LowCCC" or LC3. Loki was designed to be an Amiga-beater, but when Amstrad took over Sinclair in 1986 the project was cancelled. Two employees took the Loki technology with them and started Flare Technology and the Loki design was first intended to be launched as Konix Multisystem that never was released, but the technology finally was released as Atari Jaguar.

Some of the Loki technology was also used in the SAM Coupé.

Loki is also the name of a C++ software library developed by Andrei Alexandrescu. The library makes extensive use of templates to increase the flexibilty of implemented classes.