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Loebner prize

The Loebner Prize is an annual competition that awards prizes to the Chatterbot considered the most humanlike for that year. The format of the competition is much like that of a standard Turing Test.

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The prizes for each year include:

The Loebner Prize dissolves once the $100,000 prize is won.

Dr. Hugh Loebner established the prize in conjunction with The Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies.


1991Joseph Weintraub
1992Joseph Weintraub
1993Joseph Weintraub
1994Thomas Whalen
1995Joseph Weintraub
1996Jason Hutchens
1997David Levy
1998Robby Garner
1999Robby Garner
2000Richard Wallace
2001Richard Wallace
2002Kevin Copple
2003Juergen Pirner

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