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Little Bittern

Little Bittern
Scientific Classification
Genus: Ixobrychus
Binomial name
Ixobrychus minutus

The Little Bittern, Ixobrychus minutus, is a very small bittern. It is of Old World origins, breeding in much of temperate Europe and western Asia. It is a migrant, wintering in Africa. It is rare north of its breeding range.

This is a small species with a short neck, longish bill and buff underparts. The male's back and crown are black, and the wings are black with a large white patch on each wing. The female has a browner back.

Their breeding habitat is reedbeds. They nest on platforms of reeds in shrubs. 4-8 eggs are laid. They can be difficult to see, given their skulking lifestyle and reedbed habitat.

These bitterns feed on insects, fish and amphibians.