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List of two-letter English words

The English language contains various two-letter words. Here is a list of such words. Some of these words are debatable, because they are archaic, slang, or proper names.

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1 English Words
2 English use in a foreign phrase
3 Abbreviations
4 Words acceptable in Scrabble
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English Words

English use in a foreign phrase

Several more of our two-letter words exist as parts of set phrases imported from other languages.


Many two-letter words are abbreviations, or apocopations of longer words. They are frequently slang or informal words.

See also: List of all two-letter combinations

These sorts of lists are useful for some letter games, such as crossword puzzles or anagrams, or in word games, such as Scrabble.

Words acceptable in Scrabble

The following are lists of two letter words allowed in Scrabble (US, UK and International). See the Scrabble article for an explanation of the different wordlists and their applications.

OSPD - Official Scrabble Player's Dictionary (US)

OSW - Official Scrabble Words - Chambers (UK/Australia etc.)

SOWPODS/OSWI: a combination of OSPD and OSW used for International competition

Internal Links