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List of most frequently mentioned brands in the Billboard Top 20

The following is a list of most frequently mentioned brands in the Top 20 songs from the Billboard Hot 100™ for 2003. This list was produced by Lucian James, a brand management consultant, as part of his American Brandstand project [1]:
  1. Mercedes automobiles (112 mentions, including four different songs by 50 Cent)
  2. Lexus automobiles (48 mentions)
  3. Gucci fashion (47 mentions, by artists such as Lil Kim, Youngbloodz, and Outkast)
  4. Cadillac automobiles (46 mentions)
  5. Burberry apparel and accessories (42 mentions)
  6. Prada fashion (39 mentions)
  7. Cristal champagne (37 mentions)
  8. Hennessy cognac (35 mentions)
  9. Lamborghini automobiles (34 mentions in two separate songs)
  10. Chevrolet automobiles (33 mentions)

Of the 111 songs in the Billboard Top 20, 43 had brands in the lyrics. Only one of those, Good Charlotte's Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, was not connected to hip hop or R&B.

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